Appointment of Enduring Guardians

With an aging population comes an increased need for us to plan for the future. This not only includes the making of a Will and power of attorney but also an appointment of enduring guardian. Nursing Homes, Hospitals and Aged Care Facilities have all placed an increased importance on such documents, with one of the first questions on an entry being “do you have an enduring guardian?



An appointment of enduring guardian allows the appointor to appoint a person or persons to make non-financial decisions on their behalf.

These include things like:

  1. Where the appointor lives;
  2. What health care the appointor is to receive; and
  3. Other kinds of personal services the appointor is to receive.

These functions can be limited or additional functions added as required.


Direction Regarding Final Care

There is also a direction regarding final care which allows the appointor to give specific directions regarding what medical treatment and end of life decisions the person would like.


Advanced Health Care Directives

An enduring guardian gives power to the persons that the appointor trusts to make decisions relating to their health when necessary. An extension of an appointment of enduring guardian is an advanced health care directive. A person fills out the advanced health care directive with specific instructions regarding what and how that person is to be treated in medical emergencies. For example, what medical treatment the person would like if they have pneumonia or have brain trauma.

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