We specialise in Wills and Estate Planning.
Create your Will with confidence.

Based in Wollongong and the Illawarra, we bring our years of experience in estate planning to you in your home or workplace.

We recognise that there are many quick and cheap Wills services out there that are providing people with a false sense of security surrounding their assets by generating basic template Wills. These basic Wills can easily be contested by disgruntled eligible persons and can often omit key requirements to be legally valid.

This is our area of specific expertise and we pride ourselves on customising the Will making experience for our clients as well as our affordable rates. Our goal is to ensure that when you make your Will with us that you can be reassured that your wishes will be carried out the way you intended.



Simple and Complex Wills

Writing a Will is one of the most important documents you’ll create and we’re here to ensure you do it with ease and the right advice and questions to ensure that it will be legally upheld.

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Testamentary Trust Wills

Those wishing to establish either a Beneficiary Controlled, Protective or Special Disability Trust Will, we’re here to ensure every detail is considered and executed effectively.

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Enduring Power of Attorney

An estate-planning mechanism that relates to financial decisions. Give your attorney the ability to make financial decisions on your behalf.

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Appointment of Enduring Guardian

Allow your guardian to make non-financial decisions on your behalf when you are no longer able to do so yourself.

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We’re a passionate and vibrant law firm, based in the law-district of Wollongong CBD. Birthed as an initiative of Gamble Law, Wills 2 You was established by Andrew Gamble in 2016 for the sole purpose of focusing in the area of Wills and Estate Planning. We’re committed to growing with technology, meaning we have a mobile and agile approach to doing business, allowing us to better serve every client more personally and effectively.

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